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One of the first things people ask me is , what is the perfect photo?

The reality is that, there are no “perfect” photographs and there is no magic formula that will make you a “great photographer”. Photography will always be a subjective art form. A photograph can be composed, exposed, and printed to exacting standards and follow all known conventions of composition and exposure but still not be “perfect” to everyone. People perceive the world in different ways. Blue is not the same to everyone, nor does everyone perceive the same amount of illumination.

Temple of Nike

Even more, people have different emotional triggers that cause them to react differently to images. A photo of a peanut butter sandwich may make some hungry while others instinctively reach for an epi-pen.

Can we use compositional guidelines and a strong knowledge of exposure and other photographic tools to make our photos better?

Of course we can. Using the Rule of Thirds, understanding the Golden Ratio, knowing what lighting has which color spectrum, using depth of field to our advantage, and knowing how our cameras work are just a few of the things we can do to help make our photographs better.

But there is still no “perfect” photograph. To seek that mythological creature is to find only disappointment. The best we can do is to continually strive to improve our understanding of how to make better photographs so that we please ourselves with our art.

Arch of Hadrian (Athens)

With my website FotoFos,  I’m happy to share with you my technique i use to photograph the world around me. FotoFos stands of words FOTO(from the words Photo, Photograph) and FOS(is a Greek word from the LIGHT). With this website i intend to teach my technique to as many people as possible to see the world around them differently. The way is simple. I use Adobe Lightroom, applying special techniques that make pictures GREAT.

The website is continually updated with future Products, Photowalks, Workshops, Tutorials, Reviews, Articles

Parthenon from Temple of Olympian Zeus

Every year I personally take a small group of people in unique locations in Ancient Greece for pictures with background Golden Age of Classical Greece. We photograph, learning important information about the lifestyle, habits, culture, arts, economy of the ancient Greeks. We photograph the places who lived all those who created the culture in the world. Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheus, Olympia, Propylaea, Crete, Santorini, Delos, Sparta and sooooooo many other places.

No doubt these workshops will be amazing, and full of surprises! I design these trips to exceed everyone’s expectations! My idea is,  slow room service, so we stay in luxurious accommodations, we eat amazing Greek Ancient food, we drink fine wine, we gain access to exclusive places. I want these adventures in Greece to broaden you personally and creatively.

Temple of Apollo


A good photo, you can make amazing photo. An ugly photo, you can not to do anything..

Vasilios Gavrilis