Polanoid Generator




Required Software: Photoshop

This Action you can instantly transform your photos or give you a great starting point to work from.

I’ve found the Camera Raw engine inside of Photoshop to be one of the best and most robust way to edit photos, so I’ve designed most of my actions around this method.

These actions are meant to:

1. Help you quickly adjust your photos in Photoshop

2. Non-destructively edit your photo.

3. Allow you to mix and match looks to get something that looks great and enhances the message of your photograph.

4. Help train you on Photoshop

5. Give you a great starting point from where you can fine tune using Photoshop.

I’ve also implemented a way to retain the settings used in the Camera Raw alterations made during the running of the action so you can refer to them for learning or tweaking. How to do this and how to install and use is explained in the included Readme file.

This free package will give you a good taste of my Photoshop Actions. You’ll find that some of them work great on people shots, others work great on landscape shots, and some work on everything! Like “A Beautiful Release” makes almost anything look great.

This is a free package, and for a limited time.

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