Change Poster Effect




Required Software: Photoshop

We have a brand-new freebie that you will definitely love!

Even though this freebie is a little smaller than you guys are used to – it’s still an incredible time saver and deserves a spot in your design library.

I’m talking about a beautiful one-click Photoshop Action that adds a painted poster effect on your photo. It’s incredibly easy to use – simply load the action, hit the “Play” button and let it do the rest of the work!

On top of that, you can easily customize the colors until you find something that fits your taste.

This free package will give you a good taste of my Photoshop Actions. You’ll find that some of them work great on people shots, others work great on landscape shots, and some work on everything! Like “A Beautiful Release” makes almost anything look great.

This is a free package, and for a limited time.

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