Advanced HDR Techniques




Advanced HDR Techniques builds on the basic knowledge of part one and gives further detail or explanation about the techniques and tips used by professional photographers to improve even more their technique of making HDR photographs.

In Part Three it is time to create the final HDR image. After we made the best possible HDR photographs in the field, we want create the final HDR photograph itself. In this part I will show you in great detail how this is done with the existing software on the market and I will show you the most important post-processing techniques for creating realistic HDR images.

Finally in Part Four, I will demonstrate some more advanced photographing and post-processing techniques that I use that may come in handy for several purposes or situations. Post-processing images becomes an art in itself. The ultimate goal is to create an image with a very high wow-factor, which is the ultimate goal of this tutorial.

I hope you enjoy reading this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it ! Have a great time!