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Must Have Apps For the Traveller [Infographic]

With the boom in smartphone apps being developed today, it seems that some of those niggling problems we used to have to deal with have become a thing of the past. From transport apps that can help you find out when the next train is to memo list apps that help you keep track of errands, undoubtedly smartphone apps have made life a lot easier for us.

Travelling for one has become so much straightforward, what with the flurry of location-based apps that are just in reach of our fingertips. Classics such as google maps and google translate have been around for a while, but now developers are becoming excitingly more creative. From an app that locates your nearest wifi hotspot to one that can incredibly translate foreign text via your phone’s camera to your chosen language, there are all sorts of clever apps to help you on your travels. That’s why travel comparison website Deal checker decided to compile a list of some of the most interesting and creative travel apps available. Which do you think would be most handy?



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