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Vasilios Gavrilis and FotoFos offer a TOTALLY FREE Online Courses “Basics of Lightroom” that allow you to learn the Adobe Lightroom from anywhere in the world. With the basic lessons on “Basics of Lightroom” you can begin to learning how to do various things with Lightroom. Lightroom offers just about everything you need (organization, tagging, metadata capture, editing, printing and exporting to the web) and very little that you don’t. But even though it’s stripped down, Lightroom is unlike most other image editors, and it can take a little while to adjust to this new, RAW, way of working. Below is a courses list that we  currently offer.


Part I: The Lightroom Interface (5 Lessons)

1.The Lightroom Database
2.The Lightroom Interface
…….Lightroom Modules
…….The filmstrip
3.The Panels
4.Keyboard shortcuts

Part II: The Library Module (7 Lessons)

1.Getting to Know the Library Module
…….Ordinary and Smart Collections
4.Adding Keywords
5.Filtering Images
6.Odds and Ends

Part III: The Develop Module (4 Lessons)

…….Basic Panel
…….Tone Curve Panel
3.Local Adjustments
…….djustments Brush
…….Graduated Filters

Part IV: The Export Modules (4 Lessons)

1.The Export Modules
…….Export to Flickr

Part V: Lightroom Tips & Tricks (5 Lessons)

1.Image Adjustment Tricks
…….Gradient Filters
…….Change the Adjustment Brush’s Highlighting
…….“Soften Skin” Setting
2.Shortcuts and Context Menus
…….Get Additional Drive Information
…….Finally, a Use for Caps Lock
…….Jump Between Folders
3.Organizing Tips
4.Suggested reading

Part VI: Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts (1 Lesson)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, or just Lightroom for short, is a complete toolbox for professional digital photographers. It consists of five separate modules, each focused on a specific phase of the photographic workflow.

Lightroom provides photographers with a rich set of tools for every day photographic tasks like importing images to the computer, organizing and sorting them, making edits and adjustments, and finally outputting them for a wide variety of mediums.

And all of this is done in one single program! Lightroom’s beautiful and user-friendly interface, easy of use, powerful database management features and non-destructive editing capabilities make it the preferred choice for many photographers all around the world. Plus, the close relation and integration with Photoshop – the most popular professional image editor on the planet.


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