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Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens’ Building constitutes one of three parts in an “architectural trilogy” consisting of the National Library – the University – and the Academy. The latter was designed in 1859, by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen (1813-1891), the younger brother of the University’s architect, Christian Hansen. It is considered the most important work of Hansen, and is regarded by some experts as the most beautiful neoclassic building worldwide. The architect’s source of inspiration was the classical architecture of fifth century B.C. Athens, as portrayed in the monuments of the Acropolis. In particular Hansen emulated the aspects of the Ionian rhythm that dominate the Building of the Academy, from the Erechtheion monument. The epitome of all ancient Greek tradition can be found in the Building’s sculptural and pictorial decoration; simultaneously the character of that era’s Hellenism and its visions for the future are also expressed.

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